The Sports Tipping Knockout Game Australians Have Been Waiting for Comes Online


CANBERRA, Australia — The ultimate sports tipping knockout game everyone has been waiting for has opened its doors to all. Offering daily and weekly tournaments that track Big Bash League cricket, NBA basketball, and Premier and A-League football, the The Game Plan is the most exciting way to play against other fans. With new games starting all the time and no season-long commitments, players can win up to ten times their initial wagers with The Game Plan’s simple, satisfying knockout tipping format. Visitors to the new fantasy sport site will find complete rules and tips for getting started, with many games now ready to start and awaiting players. Making it easy for real players to compete for real cash as they tip their favorite real sports teams, The Game Plan has been one of the most highly anticipated services of its kind.

“We’re happy to announce that The Game Plan has launched, with our first players even now competing and having fun,” said company representative Martin Wittmann, “Like so many others in Australia, we love both sports and wagering, and The Game Plan was born out of our determination to create something that would really serve the players. With no bookies to complicate things, our players compete against one another to win fantasy sports cash prizes that can be as large as ten times the initial wager. We’ve already got four leagues across three top sports set up, and our players can count on many new features and updates to come.”

Australians are some of the world’s most avid gamblers, with residents spending over $22 billion on the activity in 2014, according to a report published by the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. The fastest-growing category of all, according to the same source, was sports betting, with double-digit annual increases in five territories contributing to a nationwide surge of nearly 25 percent over the course of that single year.

As sports gaming has become even more popular since, the scene has been set for an online knockout game that would cater to what Australian players most want and hope for. With daily and weekly games starting all the time, The Game Plan is that long-awaited answer.

Visitors to The Game Plan website will discover how easy it is to get started. After opening and funding an account, players can choose between the top cricket, football, and basketball leagues in order to play. Competing against other fans, players can adjust their choices until a predefined lockout time elapses. Each round, players whose tipped team loses are knocked out, with those remaining after the final round winning or splitting the cash prize pool. Simple and exciting to play, The Game Plan is the ultimate sports knockout game everyone has been waiting for, and it is online now.

About The Game Plan:
With real players, real sports, and real cash, The Game Plan is the online sports tipping knockout game Australians have been waiting for.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/salemcomm.kycr/news/read/33361574


Why People Think Resources Are A Good Idea

A Closer Look at Matched Betting Solutions What would your opinion be of a gambling approach that offered you a chance to make considerable winnings with very low risk of losing? This is actually what happens in matched betting. In matched betting you are offered a chance to make the maximum amount of profits with almost no risk. Odds are that you are wondering how any of those claims could be true? It is totally natural to be skeptical of something that makes such grandiose claims. The truth is that matched betting is only a low risk enterprise when you have a thorough understanding of how it works. The only way to reduce your risk and take advantage of the benefits of matched betting is make an effort to understand it well. The best way to master the fundamental of matched betting is to read up on it by visiting a matched betting website and use a matched betting calculator. There has been, in recent years, hundreds of betting websites that have emerged to give people the opportunity to place bets. These are primarily sports betting websites, covering both professional and collegiate sports all around the world. Today’s sports betting websites offer users the opportunity to place bets on literally just about any sport imaginable. To reduce or eliminate your chances of losing money when placing bets at these websites, it is best to use a matched betting calculator and follow the advice that you will get when you visit a matched betting website.
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Whenever a new user visits a betting website for the first time, the bookmakers will offer them the opportunity to place a certain number of free bets. When a bookmaker offers you a free bet it is also known as a matched bet or lay betting. When you maximize your winnings in these free bets, you will be collecting winnings without any chance of losses. While it is true that new users have to put up some funds to start betting, the ‘lay’ from the betting website will actually cover and essentially cancel out any losses that may occur. This is essentially how matched betting can provide you with a risk free way to place bets on whatever sports you would like to bet on.
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It is at this point that the question becomes, how can someone benefit from matched betting? For more information about matched betting, all you have to do is take a moment to visit a matched betting website. By reading up on matched betting, or lay betting, and using the resources available at a matched betting website, such as a matched betting calculator or by discussing matched betting on the website’s forums, you can learn how to take advantage of matched betting to maximize your profit. To begin, all you have to do is search the Internet for matched betting software or a matched betting calculator.


Finding Parallels Between Resources and Life

A Basic Guide to Playing Online Slots Could you use some unbelievable new casino bonuses right now? You certainly can have so much fun while making some money playing online slots. This is a game of chance and there’s no method for manipulating it to get a win, although there are certain things you can embrace to maximize your luck while also having a good time. The following is a list of useful guidelines for online slots: Before you think about going to an online casino, be sure you’ve determined your bankroll and stick to it to avoid committing more than you can afford to lose. An extremely clever gambler will have a separate account for gambling to prevent spending bucks set aside for personal or household utility. You can count on web wallets for the purpose.
Bets – My Most Valuable Advice
Make sure you’ve seen what the payout odds are on slots prior to picking an online casino. These do differ slightly from casino to casino, and the difference can have a bearing on your luck. Once you’ve pinpointed your favorite casino, confirm the odds on any game you hope to play. No slot is the same as another, but that which accepts higher value coins has a tendency to have higher odds.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Bets
Slots exist in various forms, and you ought to pick your type with care. A slot machine with more reels produces a bigger win, but usually, machines with three reels have the best odds. Also, the payout for progressive slots is usually higher, but the returns are low compared with other slot types, and your entertainment time is reduced since your funds are lost more rapidly. Remember to go through the rules for every machine so that you can understand the meaning of every term. The definitions of the terms does differ from machine to machine, and familiarity with these helps grasp the paylines and bonuses to optimize the outcome of every single bet. In addition, it is sensible that you see the minimum coin number and denomination that a machine requires. To have all paylines activated, be sure you’re placing maximum bets on the machines. Attempt to play a game that you can afford, and avoid missing out on the jackpot for failure to play at maximum bet. Maintain a logical way of thinking, and because slot machines are dictated by the generation of random numbers, don’t succumb to superstition and believe that your luck is confined to only one game. You could attempt another game if a losing streak persists. You may also come up with a consistent system whereby you bet higher amounts when on a winning streak and switch to lower best when losing. After sharpening your skills, playing slots on the web can be very enjoyable. You definitely stand a chance to enjoy earnings that include new casino bonuses.


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Online Casino: Check Out the Benefits

You can play all the games you love in the comforts of your own home; there would be no need to take a long drive to nearest casino at all. Take advantage of the internet by visiting an online casino that can fulfill your dreams. You will definitely be attracted to the many amazing things and opportunities this avenue has created for all the gamblers all over the world.

You can enjoy gambling in our very own home and there would be no need to travel to other places just to enjoy it. All you need to do is visit a legit website, there would be no longer term planning needed in the least. This is what an online casino can offer you so make sure to benefit from it as much as you can.

There are a ton of great games to try out, the more popular ones that lots of gamblers are usually good at; make sure to engage in these games and increase your chances of winning the top prizes the website can offer. There is no need to tire yourself of traveling to an actual land casino to experience these things because all you would ever need is an internet connection. You would not be experiencing any problems in the least when you have high quality computers to add to that.

There are plenty of sites where you can engage in gambling in the online world. There are various types of online casino games that you can engage in in this day and age. Hen you subscribe to these websites, you have to make sure that they protect your information in the best possible way.

The demand of these amazing websites is one of the things that has made them so beneficial in these modern times. Since you were able to have a lot of fun on these websites, you need to tell other people about it as well. You would be able to get a better understanding of these sites and use it to your advantage when navigating your next online casino venture. You need to keep in mind all of these important things and more.

You can basically play whenever you feel like it.

Those who love online casinos are into it because it will never keep them from doing the important things in their lives. You can play all of these games in your own home without worrying about the time and the other things you might need to do. You can choose any of your favorite games and no one out there would be able to stop you. When you pick the ideal game, you would be able to enjoy it right away.

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