We Are Saving Money Now

I can remember when my cable bill used to be under 50 dollars a month. That is not a bare bones package either. That was with all the channels and a couple of premium channels too. Granted, there was not 300 channels, but who really watches those 300 channels anyway? When my bill went over 140 dollars a month just for the TV portion, I knew I had to do something. I had been hearing things about ATT and Directv bundle options, but the only problem was that I was not a customer of either company.

I had a different cell phone provider, and I was a local cable company customer. The good thing is that I was not under contract with either of those companies, so I was under no obligation to stay with them. I looked at the different bundle packages that Directv and ATT offered, and I was really impressed. I knew that I would get a decent deal for the first 12 months, but it was what I would be paying after the promotional period that had me concerned. When I saw that the savings would still go on as long as I was a customer, I started looking more in depth to what I would be getting.

I really did not care who my cell phone provider was, because I know they all offer the same range of services for the area that I am in. It was the TV portion that I was mostly concerned with. I have two young children, and they enjoy watching TV. I wanted to make sure that their favorite channels were in the package I wanted to get, and I also wanted to make sure that it would have the sports programming that my husband enjoys too. It has everything we want, and we are saving a lot of money now.